Alemdar Alemdaroğlu
Languages: English
Education: Ankara University, Faculty of Letters, English Language and Literature
Special interests: Archeology, ancient cultures, history, local handcrafts, photography, shopping and travelling
Years of Experience: 23
Years with Neon Tours: 19
Alemdar was born in Ankara and graduated from TED College. He started his guiding career when he was at the university and just loves it. He has been to every single archeological, historical and natural site in Turkey and thinks Turkey, herself, is a hidden treasure for travellers. Alemdar takes every opportunity to introduce visitors to different local experiences which then become great memories. He believes Turkey is a great place to discover and is ready to share his profound knowledge of his country with you.
Gökçe Taşçılar
Languages: English
Education: University, History Major
Specialinterests: Ancient history, mythology, traveling and photography
Years of Experience: 11
Years with Neon Tours: 7
Gokce was born and raised in Izmir and studied general history for 4 years becoming a specialist on pre-history. She started to work in the tourism business in 1992 while still studying at the university. She has worked in almost every department of a travel company until she decided to become a guide in 2006. She is very outgoing and guiding gives her a chance to introduce the beauty of her country to its guests. She is passionate in the rich history, spectacular landscape and multi-colored culture that is Turkey. In return, she only asks to see her travelers leaving Turkey with a smile, full satisfaction and unforgettable memories.
Gulay Gunay
Languages: English,Spanish
Education: University Degree
Special interests: Archaeology, Byzantine Art History, History of Religions, Culinary Arts, Voice Acting
Years of Experience: 6
Years with Neon Tours: 3
Gülay was born in Bolu, graduated from Zonguldak Karaelmas University and she has recieved training at the Departmant of Tourism Guidance for 4 years. Since 2009 Gülay is working as full-time active tour guide, specifically in İstanbul. In 2012 she moved to Spain for one year (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)and worked as a volunteer and mentor in EVS organisations(European Voluntary Service) . She is still working as a project coordinator in EVS. She has special interests in archeology , Byzantine art history, culinary arts ,voice acting, exploring lives on backstreets and bazaars. She believes guiding for guests that you never met before from totally different countries is great chance to know people better to improve your skills . she will be pleased to share her experience of guiding with you and will do her best to make your holiday a memorable one.
Hakan Adagume
Languages: English
Education: Balıkesir University Tourism Faculty Guidance Department
Special Interests: Archaeological Remains / History
Years of Experience: 6
Years with Neon Tours: 3
Hakan has been guiding in Turkey since 2010. He has attended three language schools in the USA during college years. He’s also completed internship programme in the States by working several positions in tourism business such as a tour company, hotel, cruise ship.
Hakan studied History and Finance as being exchange student of European Union as well.
As a result of these Hakan is proud of being local Licenced Guide to provide global guiding skill in every respect.

Hakan Haydar Çekiç

Language spoken. English
Education.M.U. Tourism&English literature.
Special interest.Anxient civilisations.
Years of Experience: 29
Years with Neon: 10 years
He likes to share his knowledge of his country.
Haydar invites everyone to his country to introduce the depth and the varieties of cultures of his country.

Mirgünaz Filiz Uzunkuşak
Languages : English, Italian
Education: TED Ankara College, Allerton Grance School – LEEDS/England Eskişehir Universitesi / Business Administration
Special Intersts : History, Art, Art History, Mythology and reading, researching autobiographies
Years of Exprience : 29 years as a guide
Year with Neon Years: 3
Besides working as an interpreter, (also to the governer of Istanbul) I have been as a guide.
I can be proud of myself for introducing my country and rich culture successfuly and changing many peoples’ thoughts in a positive way.
I never lost my passion and desire for learning and teaching. And I want to go on with this mission as long as I can.
Recep Karapınar
Languages spoken: German, English
Education: Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Literature/Comparable History and Culture
SpecialInterests: Diving (open water), cycling, hike and bridge
YearsofExperience: 21
YearwithNeonYears: 9
Recep was born in Ankara and currently resides in Istanbul. He started guiding in 1995 and enjoys sharing the epic stories of Turkey’s 12,000 years of history. He finds it fascinating to meet the guests that come from all corners of the world to find common tales, myths, and cultural/religious indications in the Turkish Asia Minor. He likes introducing the daily life of Turkish people, its food and culture, tips for the best shopping and encouraging travelers to engage in interactions with the locals.
Sevilay Tokmak
Languages spoken: English
Education: Aegean University
SpecialInterests: Traveling, archaeology, history and art history, trekking, playing musical instruments, sports, music and cinema
YearsofExperience: 10
YearwithNeonYears: 3
Sevılay was born in Marmaris and studied printing and publication at Aegean University while working as a reporter for the national news agency in Izmir She decided to learn English and went to England for both study and travel. Upon her return she completed the guiding courses through The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and began to work as an official tourist guide. The scope of her guiding is broad and she has led both large cultural groups as well as special interest, private tours. Her personal interests congregate around communication and shes an avid reader of religion, political and social history as well as archaeology and art history. She has traveled to over 15 countries and remains proud to introduce people to Turkey and all of its wonders.
Tibet Elmalık
Languages spoken: English
Education: University degree
SpecialInterests: Film and movies, history, food and cooking, shopping, walking, people
YearsofExperience: 21
YearwithNeonYears: 10
Tibet was born in Izmir, and graduated from Aegean University in the English Language and Literature Department. She has been a tour guide for 21 years with experiences in social and cultural planning as well. She is passionate about traveling and enjoys introducing her country and her culture to new visitors.
Uğur Ünal
Languages spoken:English,Spanish
Education:Spanish Language and Literature
Special interests:Foreign languages,archaeology,history,Astronomy
Years of experience:5
Year with Neon Tours:2
After graduating from high school(English department)Uğur chose to learn second language and studied Spanish.deciding to represent his country,culture and traditions after college became a travel director.
Yeşim Guris
Languages: English
Education: METU, FLE, English teaching
Special Interests: Scuba diving, traveling, cooking, wellness, reading and swimming
Years of Experience: 25
Years with Neon Tours: 8
Yesim was born in Istanbul and graduated from METU as an English teacher in 1992. She began working as a tour leader at the university and developed a passion for guiding. She enjoys scuba diving, hiking, swimming, reading, cooking and rescuing animals. Her favorite book is “Birds Without Wings” by Louise Berniere.Turkey is a wonderful country that you will always want to come back and Yeşim wants to share all with you.
Ismail Keser
Languages : English and Japanese,
Education : KOU, Masters in Archaeology; Ankara University, BA degree in Japanese Literature and Language.
Special İnterests : Archaeology, History, Gourmet Food, Hiking, Hot Air Ballooning Blue Sailing on Gullets, Reading and Traditional Arts and Handcrafts of Turkey.
Years of Experience: 23
Years with Neon : 5
Ismail was born in Canakkale nearby the ancient city of Troy, Homer’s legendary city on the Dardanelles. Inspired by his great epic poets of Iliad and Odyssey, Ismail has always been interested in history and archaeology.
Happily married with two daughters and currently living in Izmir which was the ancient city of Smyrna on the Aegean, Homer’s birth place and the third largest city of Turkey.
Passionate and patriotic about Turkey, he would like to share his information with his guests as an insider and a local expert and looking forward to see you in his group.
Omer Boran
Languages : English
Education : University
Years of Experience: 25
Years with Neon : 10
Ömer was born in Mardin ,southeast of the country .He studied English at Dicle University .He has fixed himself on guiding and has been performing it since 1990 With the accumulation of experiences acquired over 25 years ,past 10 years with Neon Tours focused on Istanbul ,it is always his pleasure to introduce his country , history and culture.